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We are Vietlinh, a business originally established in Vietnam. We have been working in the field of agriculture and aquaculture since 1998. Our objective is to support, bring knowledge and information to farmers, businesses, and stakeholders of the agricultural sector using the Internet.

We understand that farmers, businesses, and stakeholders of the agricultural sector are under pressure because of competitions in product quality, development technology, prices, and markets. The current need is to eliminate barriers for the production and development of agricultural products. Therefore, we think that focusing on rural development is to expand agricultural modernization and industrialization; to improve farmers' knowledge; to train high-quality agricultural workers, and to create products with better quality and competitiveness.

Please visit our websites in Vietnamese at http://vietlinh.vn

Our website in English is http://vietlinh.us

Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA | Contact: vietlinhco@gmail.com

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