Product & Market » How does a supermarket in South Korea look like? (Insa-dong, Seoul, South Korea)

Supermarkets in South Korea sell a variety of meat, vegetables, fruits, and foods. Despite that, the uniqueness of supermarkets here is that they offer specific products which are made and sold only in this country. All products are neatly packed and clearly labeled with prices and instructions.

Product & Market » Visiting Urth Caffe (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Urth Caffe is a special coffee chain located in Southern California area. Established in 1989, the shop produces and serves only organic, heirloom coffee. People especially enjoy coffee at Urth for its superior taste and quality. As one of the well-known coffee shops in downtown Los Angeles, Urth Caffe in the Arts District is a must-visit location for local residents and visitors.

Product & Market » Pumpkins sold in the US at Halloween (California, USA)

It is not difficult to buy pumpkins these days at supermarkets in the US as Halloween is approaching. The holiday is one of the largest events of the year for Americans. It is held on the night of October 31st every year. Like other years, large pumpkins with orange color are most popular items for Halloween.

Product & Market » Shrimp and Seafood Imported From India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam Sold in the U.S. (California, USA)

Photo collection of seafood products from India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam sold at local supermarkets in the U.S. With its strict requirements, seafood products sold in the U.S. are clearly labelled “wild-caught” or “farm-raised” along with countries of origin.

Product & Market » Seafood Imported From Canada, South America, and Europe Sold in the U.S. (California, USA)

Wonder how seafood products from countries such as Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Norway and Scotland would look like when they are exported? Let’s take a look at fresh and frozen seafood products sold at local supermarkets in the U.S.

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What are farming techniques of Pangasius in Mekong River Delta in Vietnam?

In Mekong River Delta in Vietnam, there are three main farming techniques: intensive pond, floating cage and net-pen enclosure farming.

Floating cages:

The cages are made from steel or wood, and have two parts: the under-water part and the floating part. The cages is anchored at a certain place in the river by 14 tholes planted deeply into boom of the river. The floating part is handled at the surface of water by the system of many plastic tubes along the cages.

Pond farming:

The depth of pond must be at least 3 metres; regularly change water and clean the pond. Farming fish in ponds has some advantages: it is easy to control the pond’s environment, cost effectiveness, and high production.

Net enclosure:

Net enclosure (or “Dang quang” in Vietnamese) is a farming area that has been separated in the river by fences, located near the river bank, so that the river flows still run through the net. This way of farming is relatively new and allows to stock higher density, as well as harvest very good fish.

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