Seafood and groceries sold in the U.S. during COVID-19 (San Gabriel, California, USA)


The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has changed how Americans shop. Since the past two weeks, a large number of household goods and grocery products have been consumed. A list of top-selling products includes toilet paper, water bottle, meat, rice and noodles. As panic buying occurs, people buy as many necessities as possible. Many people revealed how they have never seen Americas are panic buying like at this time. We visited Hawaii Supermarket and 99 Ranch, two large ethnic supermarkets in San Gabriel, California, to see how seafood and grocery products sold in the U.S. during COVID-19.

To prepare for COVID-19, Americans buy and store a large amount of food in the past few weeks. Despite that, most seafood products are not “hot.”

Fresh seafood is not always sold out, probably due to its ability to be stored and kept in a long period of time compared to other types of meat.

Barely, certain types of fish and shrimp, such as salmon, black tiger prawn and whiteleg shrimp, become top-selling products.

Compared to other types of meat, seafood products might have less sales despite people’s panic buying.

Beef, pork, and chicken are all sold out at supermarkets in the U.S. these days.

Some spices, such as shallot or onion, are also purchased by consumers in large quantities.

Vegetables are also sold out quickly.

Since the last few weeks, Americans have started to purchase a large number of groceries products. Even though certain types of seafoods are preferred, their sales are not as much as of other types of meat such as beef, pork, and chicken. By looking at the market trends these days in America, it can be forecasted that seafood farming and production might face a difficult year with an unstable output market. In addition, due to the effect of COVID-19 in international scale, seafood import and export this year can be negatively impacted.

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