News » Aquaculture

After 10 years of researching genetics and breeding selection under the supervision of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia), the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has officially allowed the Viet Uc Group to produce broodstock whiteleg shrimp for commercial purpose.

News » Agriculture

Because of its proximity to the sea, the freshwater area of ​​Ca Mau Province (Vietnam) is at high risk of saline intrusion. Saline water continues to enter the freshwater area from irrigation drains. Farmers in the freshening area are especially worried about the winter-spring rice crop, which might be severely affected due to saline intrusion.

News » A States with the Highest Number of Farms in the U.S.

Texas leaded the list with 240,000 farms, followed by Missouri (97,300 farms). Wisconsin ranked 10th in the list with 68,500 farms.

News » Top Agriculture Producing States in the U.S.

California was ranked first with over $50 billion in cash receipts for all agriculture commodities. California itself accounted for 13.5% of the U.S. receipts for all agriculture commodities




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