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Shrimp processing and export businesses in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in recent years have heavily invested in building their own shrimp farming areas. Many large shrimp processing and exporting businesses in Soc Trang Province, for example, have built their own farms for international certifications and traceability.

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In Binh Thuan Province, the current price of unseasonal dragon fruit is only at VND6,000 - 7,000/kilogram. The best type of dragon fruit is at VND8,000 - 9,000/kilogram, but the sales of this type is rare. Some farmers in the province said that the price of dragon fruit has to be over VND10,000/kilogram in order of them to meet breakeven points.

News » A States with the Highest Number of Farms in the U.S.

Texas leaded the list with 240,000 farms, followed by Missouri (97,300 farms). Wisconsin ranked 10th in the list with 68,500 farms.

News » Top Agriculture Producing States in the U.S.

California was ranked first with over $50 billion in cash receipts for all agriculture commodities. California itself accounted for 13.5% of the U.S. receipts for all agriculture commodities




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