Visiting The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens (San Marino, California, USA)

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, often called The Huntington, is located in the city of San Marino, California, USA. It is famous for valuable art galleries, rare book collections, and also beautiful botanical gardens dedicated to research and conservation. The Huntington includes many themed gardens with different designs and landscapes such as rose garden, Chinese garden, Japanese garden, or the conservatory. Visitors, researchers, and students around this area often come to The Huntington to learn about plants and flowers grown in the estate. Viet Linh has taken pictures at different times during the past three years, from 2017 to 2019, to capture the beauty of The Huntington. Please enjoy this photo collection.

The Huntington includes different art galleries, exhibition halls, and gardens located next to each other.

It is not difficult to find beautiful, blooming flowers when walking between art galleries and exhibition halls within the Huntington. Each plant especially has its name tag so that visitors can learn and identify its flowers.

The Huntington is known for its famous rose gardens. According to the library’s website, its rose garden was built in 1908 with European design. It has thousands of plants and diverse varieties of roses.

According to information from the library’s website, the end of March until November every year is the time when roses in the garden bloom beautifully.

A different garden is grown and landscaped in Chinese style.

Another garden reflects Japanese landscape traditions.

The end of spring, in March or April every year, is the time flowers such as cherry blossoms bloom at The Huntington Library.

The Huntington especially has a conservatory for botanical research.

This conservatory is a greenhouse with hot and humid climate to grow plants that are originally from tropical countries. It is not easy to find a large greenhouse like this with the dry climate of California.

The conservatory introduces to visitors different types of tropical plants and their features.

A plant that traps insects is presented with a magnifying glass and a caption for visitors to learn and discover it themselves.

Tropical flowers in the greenhouse.

It is not hard to find birds, squirrels, or rabbits in gardens at The Huntington. Here, nature, animals, plants, and visitors are close to each other.

Source: Some information used in our captions is cited from website of The Huntington Library at

Photos © Sonia LV. Viet Linh. Mar 2019. California, USA.

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