Antique » Junghans watch

Time of quartz: Junghans focused on studying new, more accurate methods for measuring time. Although quartz technology has just been invented, Junghans has applied and continued to develop. The first German quartz watch was built in the late 1960s and the first German quartz wristwatch was built in 1970 by Junghan. Junghans made history again with the official stopwatch of the 1972 Summer Olympics.

Hobby » Discus

Discus is the largest fish in the fish plate. This fish are very high drive, very nice inside; mouth small, oblique cover height. The background color is golden brown or chestnut, plum color. There are still light blue iridescent clearly see the side of the fish.

There are seven dark vertical stripes, 5th stripe in the middle of the body is the widest stripe and darker stripes. Red fish with light blue wavy lines and iridescent, extending up one part of the tree back and anus. Other parts blue.

First is the makeup of the sparkling blue naht or translucent. Fish red disc: the original body and the dorsal, anal, red-brown.

Gem » Synthetic diamond

Synthetic diamond is manufactured in a laboratory by various processes. They can produce gem-quality synthetic diamonds of significant size.




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