The Santa Barbara Fishermen's Market (Santa Barbara, California, USA)


The Santa Barbara Fishermen's Market, also known as the Saturday Fishermen's Market, is held every Saturday at the Santa Barbara City’s harbor, which is a few minutes away from Stearns Wharf. It is a great destination for seafood lovers and visitors. The market sells local, wild-caught seafood. Sellers here are often local fishermen or divers. It is noticeable that not every city allows the sale of wild-caught seafood right at the harbor and pier like Santa Barbara. Thus, if you have a chance, stop by and enjoy this special market.

The Santa Barbara harbor.
132-A Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Hours of operation:                
Every Saturday from 6:00 to 11:00 AM

General admission fees:


Walking into the harbor, you will find a pier where every Saturday, local fishermen and divers sell a variety of seafood.

For this season at the end of the year, the market offers products such as spider crab or rock crab.

Surprisingly, wild-caught seafood here is not expensive. Some are even cheaper than what supermarkets offer. It only costs $4 for 1 pound of crab.

For live sea urchin and sea cucumber, the price is $10 each.

Seafood is caught in the sea area of Santa Barbara, so of course, it is “product of USA.”

A seller’s fishing boat, which parks nearby and delivers fresh seafoods to the market.

The uniqueness of this market is that it only sells specialties of Santa Barbara. Walking around, you can see introductions of seafood caught at this harbor along with characteristics and fishing history of each seafood species. Pictures shows information about local red abalone, red sea urchin, and sea cucumber.

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