How is seafood consumption this summer 2020 in the U.S. during COVID-19 (Los Angeles, California, USA)?

Panic buying during COVID-19 has made certain supermarkets limit the amount of meat and seafood each shopper can buy. Compared to the beginning of the pandemic in March, these products are no longer “hot” or sold out. Let’s walk around Zion Market with Vietlinh in Koreatown, Downtown Los Angeles, California to check out a large number of seafood sold at a supermarket in the U.S. this summer 2020.

In general, seafood products are no longer “hot” or sold out in local supermarkets in California.

Frozen large-size octopus is sold at $24.95/lb, or $50.73 for the packet in this picture.

Frozen small octopus is cheaper, at $6.99/lb.

Frozen abalone from Chile is sold at $18.99/lb.

Live abalone is $5.99 each.

Frozen shrimp products are packed carefully.

Frozen tuna.

Hamachi collar (also known as Yellowtail collar).

Frozen squid.

Imported fish packets from Jeju Island, South Korea.

A variety of dried seafood is offered at the market.

From high-class, expensive products to affordable ones, a large amount of seafood is still on shelves and fully restocked. They are no longer sold out or “hot” products. Yet, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietlinh’s trip to Zion Market in Los Angeles, California, shows that the U.S. is still a promising market for seafood export this summer 2020 with a variety of products imported from different countries.

© Lynn LV. Viet Linh. July 2020. California, USA.

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