Seafood Imported From Canada, South America, and Europe Sold in the U.S. (California, USA)


Despite its strict requirements for import, the U.S. consumes a large source of foreign fishery products yearly. Seafood sold in this market not only include “products of the U.S.,” but also come from countries such as Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Norway and Scotland. Wonder how seafood products that you farm would look like when they are exported? Let’s take a look at fresh and frozen seafood products sold at local supermarkets in the U.S. Pictures are taken by Vietlinh at Costco Alhambra and Little Tokyo Market Place in Los Angeles area, California.

At Costco, a large supermarket chain in the U.S., some fishery products such as trout, …

… and catfish are farmed raised in America.

Salmon roe is packed and labelled “wild caught in the U.S” sold at Little Tokyo Market Place.

There are also fresh and live crab labelled as “products of the U.S.”

In addition to local fishery products, seafood imported from Canada is also popular in the U.S. Picture shows wild cod from Canada sold next to Stripe Bass grown in the U.S.

As the U.S. neighbor to the north, Canada has geographic advantages that makes it easily import fresh products to this market. Picture show clam and oyster from Canada sold in the U.S.

At Costco, it is not hard to find “products of Canada” such as wild rockfish, …

… or lobster.

A large proportion of seafood sold in the U.S. come from countries in South America. Picture shows fresh squid imported from Argentina sold in the U.S.

Shrimp from Ecuador.

Abalone from Chile.

Finally, products from European countries are also popular at American supermarkets. For example, Norway imports blue mackerel.

Norway is also a large importer of salmon. Its products are also labeled “Raised without antibiotics.”

Salmon from another European country, Scotland, is also preferred by American consumers.

Lynn LV. Viet Linh © August 2019. California, USA.

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