Preparing and using EM2 to manage pond water

The use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) in shrimp farming is a measure to manage a stable water environment, increase the growth ability of shrimp, and limit the occurrence of some common diseases. EM also makes shrimp molt uniformly and helps treat luminous bacteria disease.

A/ Steps to prepare EM2 to activates microorganisms in farming environment:

Step 1: Prepare the original EM1, which includes inactive microorganisms.

Step 2: Prepare EM2 from the original EM1. Include 3% EM1, 3% molasses, and 47% water without chlorine.

- Stir to dissolve molasses completely in water without chlorine, then pour EM1 solution in an appropriate amount and stir for 30 minutes.

- Pour mixture to plastic can with an airtight lid for anaerobic incubation. After 4-5 days, test the aroma of the solution. When pH levels are 3.5-4, the solution is ready to be used. With EM2 mixture, there should be a white moldy layer on the surface of the solution.

B/ Using EM2 for pond bottom treatment and water color change:

1/ Changing water color:

- After renovating and preparing ponds for farming, pump treated water to ponds and proceed to change water color.

- To change color of water: In 3-5 continuous days, use 30 liters of EM2/hectare each day in combination with organic fertilizer and nutrients.

- After 5-7 days of checking technical information and indicators, prepare to stock shrimp.

2/ Managing water resources:

- To manage water resources and prevent diseases in shrimp: once every 10 days, use additional 50 liters of EM2/hectare until harvest period.

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