Betta pugnax  (Betta Fish, Cá thia, Mouth-brooding betta, Penang mouth-brooding fighting fish)

Family: Belontidae

Distribution: Malaysia, West Sumatra

Length: up to 9 cm

Diet: feeds from animal and synthesis

Water temperature : 25-28 C

Raising: Polyculture

Betta fish have an elongated body, only slightly flattened sides. The background color changes from blue to matte rust color; upper half of the head had a light brown, can have a horizontal stripe appears unclear as single. There are clear spots running horizontally from the muzzle to the right after the end of the dorsal fin rays. Fins brown dark brown spots voic evil, edged light.

Females have less color more vivid and shorter fins. Males have dorsal and anal fins long.

Fish needed a spatula easy to raise large aquariums, planted trees, dark substrata, should arrange rocks, tree roots...

This fish live peacefully with other fish, but loves to fight with males of the same species with it.

In general tank, if the water temperature is low, the fish will grow slowly and are often located near major surface water.

Brood fish in the mouth kind of like fighting fish. Appropriate temperature for spawning is 26-29 degrees C.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by



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