Danio rerio (Zebra Danio, Petit Danio, Danio zébré, Cá ngựa vằn, Cá danio vằn)

Family: Carp - Cyprinidae

Distribution: Eastern India, Bangladesh, Sri - Lanka

Length: 5 cm.

Tank length: 30 cm.

Diet: Worms, body armor animals, insects, food synthesis.

Water temperature: From 24 to 30 degrees C.


Danio Rerio (Hippocampus comes) friendly or somewhat flattened thin side, there are two pairs of antennae. Females slightly larger than males, have more rounded belly. Olive- brown back, whitish belly. Colors and decorative lines characteristic of the hip. In males, the background color is golden, add four bars dotted along the dark blue spread throughout the length of the body, from the gill cover to the caudal end. This painting is also repeated on the anal fin. The dorsal olive, blue and white border, while the pectoral and ventral fins are not colored. Clefts carry blue streaks somewhat difficult to distinguish. First snout and belly silvery sheen.

Danio Rerio were kept in glass tanks in 1905. Fish quite well suited for novice aquarists. It does not require a particular care. In the tank should have plants but to arrange the tank has enough space near the surface of the water for the fish to swim. There must be no cover for fish jumping out.

To fish are spawning, the hard water to soft or medium, and the water temperature 24 degrees C. There can plant some shrubs soft hairy leaves, such as foxtail grass. After a courtship positive. The males chase the females in the middle of the pineapple plant, and spawning occurs there. To protect broodstock egg avoid eating. Eggs hatch in 48 hours at a temperature of 26-27 degrees C.

Males are best kept darker yellow metal bars and fins have white borders. Fecundity Danio Rerio can lay several clutches in a year, depending on how farming pat.

Fry after 5 days were swimming freely and eat grass and grow the same. Mature fish can eat synthetic food, just as worms, red worms, and other dry foods also appropriate for individuals.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by http://translate.google.com


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Danio Rerio are spawning. If kept together with other fish but it still lay eggs or fry eggs will be eaten. When females belly, we must be prepared to lay their own pools. 1 tank size is small, less rock bottom for 1 or small pebbles contained in a haystack. Getting own personal pair (1of - 1mai) lays out the tank, about 2 -3 days later, they will lay eggs, the eggs are very small (pinhead size) and during very difficult to observe with the naked eye. When children see belly deflated as they were laid, carefully observing the bottom of the lake will see tiny eggs. Now broodstock lightly fished out, put the aquarium in a cool, quiet. Approximately 1 week later (can not remember much apart, apparently depending on water temperature), the eggs will hatch into larvae, fry and very small, pinhead -size and also very difficult to see (have to look very carefully). The fry are very small so they only eat small organisms in water only, should drop one little weed on. No need to change the water in this period, absolute hygiene for water (at this stage very dead fish). About 3-4 months will fry sized toothpick. Now can we eat the same kind of bigger.

Source: Dong Nai Post. Translated by http://translate.google.com



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