Cyprinus carpio (Carp - Carpe, Koi carp, Cá chép Nhật Bản, cá Koi)


Kohaku of NTakigawa - Koi of GHLovgren

Koi of Kibekko - Shiro Utsuris from Koicymru Co


Sanke from Koicymru Co - Ochiba Shigure from Koicymru Co

Tancho Sanke from Koicymru Co

Koi fish in Japanese Nishikigoi, Japanese are breeding more than 200 years ago. Depending on the color characteristics that we also have many names for the fish:

Fish have white background red phase called Kohaku.

White background red colored fish and a little black called Showa Sanke

Gill silvery gray sides with red-and-white called Asagi and Shusui.

There are also many other names to call Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Ogon, Kin-Showa, Kujaku, Hi-Utsuri, Shusui, Komonryu, Koromo, Showa Sanshoku

Koi can live to be a hundred years old, normally grown in the artificial lake it can live up to 25-35 years. Chinese legend "carps of the dragon" or "beyond dance skills", ie carp can live hundreds of years old molting into Dragon to break the wind playing from living a fate diving HUP underwater. Do not know if we have Koi fish (called Japanese carp scene for clarity) lived more than a hundred years it has turned into a dragon fly? If so, also regretted sure you will lose large sums of money. Anyway this is the legend brings beautiful philosophical dream rise of all things in the universe.

Koi fish as an adult length of about 60-90 cm. If adopted and cared for it may grow to be 5 to 10 cm per year.

Unlike Dragon fish (also known as Bach Long, Heilongjiang) is often disruptive and feed mainly small fish species, fish Koi is a gentle, it can live with other fish without feeling disturbed. However, in order to avoid infectious disease is often pure Koi fish in the tank and add fish.

Personal Profile:

Unlike other types of fish kept in aquariums to see horizontally, koi pond in a kind of "small" dig in the garden, so we just watch the Koi fish swimming hole ignored on the back side. The fish pond is deep down under the stairs (to a depth of about 2 m) to create various depth, the bottom is lined with sheets of plastic to plastic water drainage from, of course, if economic conditions better of you, you can build with cement, so much you will definitely watch and you also do not have to worry miss when plastic pads back, drain away all your Koi and also " ups "always.

Lake capacity, depending on your available space, from 4-5 cubic meters to several tens of cubic meters. According to many people recommend the lake built above water for about 30 - 40 cm to avoid hunting dog or cat lose your Koi. (In the United States, or any comments racoon every night or catching thieves Koi infinity).

Around the lake one can plant few lotus trees to fish more shade in the summer and also to reduce the growth of toxic algae, or decorate the lamp, Bonsai plants or table Japanese-style chair for more poetic. The lake is also equipped with a filter pump system to keep water clean and prevent moss spread in the country.

According to the principle of with large koi about 30 cm, for every cubic meter of water, drop a small fish, then we can drop density.

Fish Variety:

Currently fish in European countries widely sold relatively small fish (5-10 cm) at affordable prices as well from 10-20 €. Larger fish (30 cm) around 1000 euros. For individuals with special color and shape, you have to go where the fish auction is held each year a few times, but watch out, prices will be very expensive from a few thousand to several hundred thousand, there are individual to millions of euros. It really is a considerable asset.

For all kinds of fish are imported from Japan, the price of fish is a bit more expensive but can also be acceptable.

Before breeding fish mainly from Japan but now European breeding also know how so many people can feed the fish. Not the people bred fish Koi classic but also bred koi fish shape and color allergic period, such as the Koi fish rugged, rough as the first type of fish times (such as gold fish tail 3 times). Do not know Koi fish shaped deformity can live as long as other fish or not, but the first impression you will see it's nice and of course it will be higher than other fish.


In order to assess how a fish is "beautiful" there are many criteria that farmers as well as the jury must abide by standard of Japan: colors, maturity and shapes.

Of color, fresh color to the natural division of colors should be clear, not patchy color range has a unique shape. For example the Koi fish full body white but the red spot on the middle top of the head with a very large, very round like a sun on the flag of the People of the Solar Spirit Women.

Shape as mentioned above, but this is the product of genetic variation in the fish this standard should just stand on the second row, in addition to the size and health of fish also play an important role to determine the price of fish.

View of a Koi show in Ojiya City 2002



For fish health and sustainability, the fish must be kept clean. PH must always be from 7 to 7.5 is considered to be ideal. Avoid sudden changes in pH than abruptly as this will greatly affect the health of fish.

If the concentration of nitrite in water is too high or you need to replace the water that is not to replace the one that should be replaced every 2 days receded about one-third the volume of the lake until the water in the .

You should also pay attention to the development of algae in the water, if too much algae growth will suck the oxygen concentration in the water and the fish suffocate.

To reduce the growth of algae can grow lotus plants in countries such as, reed grass around the lake, a small waterfall or a fountain (as the injection wells) also have significant effects.


Koi fish eat processed foods available on the market, made mainly with herbal ingredients such as rice, flour, fish meal component was added and vitamins.


Koi fish can also spread infectious diseases, common diseases such as itching, loss of appetite, skin sores scab loss, white patches or sores lips, there are special medications available on the market. Individual patient should take out separate reservoirs for monitoring and treatment. Worse case maybe you should invite your veterinarian if you do not want to see your Koi fish love quietly... into the boiling pot.

Occupation player is also very meticulous, pet Koi are many Europeans, Americans are well known and developed as an art. Many other services are also "eat" as the design and construction of gardens and lakes, fish health care, even a hotel for ... fish to take care of the fish when it must be away from home for a long time. Many associations and clubs "Koi" is formed around.

In Vietnam we have Koi fish hobby not many people know, hopefully some day it will become a fun character masses. What could be more relaxed after a stressful day of work, tired, came home with a cup of tea in hand sitting under the shade of a tree, listening to the birds singing, water whispering as far, as near and the other under ornamental carp Japanese hovering smoothly as A Shining clouds joke always. Hopefully you will quickly forget about everyday worries and one day if the opportunity to fund your family will be greatly improved with Japanese ornamental carp.

(Source: Kimson, web Canhnong)


Speaking of carp, many people recall the time over 10 years ago. Prevailing carp movement. Carp fed a lot across from urban to rural areas because it is easy to raise fish, price reasonable. That day, it was mainly carp black gold rather than copy. However, they are still home-grown fish. Gradually, after this aquarium career development, there are many beautiful fish life, carp forced to give way to people you do not know ...

In recent years, people began to breed a beautiful carp species, can say is groundbreaking nature. Typical of the new breed carp Koi. Koi also become a feature of the land of the rising sun. Koi, like its relatives, it is easy to feed and thrive. They are fish to be need water quite large.

Koi fish omnivores, they can eat all the food that we offer.

Previously, Koi only four basic colors, this is the Japanese and Chinese breed, they become very rich in color and shape are a lot of farmers, especially in the West. Today is not outstanding, but Koi become an attractive fish players and organizations, associations, specialized play Koi worldwide.

(Source: web Aquarium)

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