Pearl Gourami (Mosaie Gourami,Gourami perlé, Gourami mosaique, Cá sặc trân châu, Cá mã giáp)


Distribution: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

Length: 10 - 11cm.

Tank length: 60 cm.

Diet: Worms, body armor animals, insects, food synthesis.

Water temperature: From 24 to 30 degrees C.


Pearl gourami fish or fish stocks elongated body armor and flat inside. The two ventral fins are long filamentous rays. Unlike Colisa colorful fish, dorsal fin located on a platform in the middle of his back arched. Anal fin, by contrast, is on a very long and started on the front of the abdomen. Caudal fin is deeply powerful ways. The dorsal and anal relatively developed in males than in females.

The background color is reddish brown but dotted a dense network and iridescent blue dots purple sparkle. The bottom orange or red. A vertical strip of dark brown slightly crooked from snout, through the eye and extend out to form a spot just ended between the caudal peduncle. Network iridescent nacre to cover the roots of the dorsal and anal. Females almost brownish color, revealing the silvery white below.

Care as a whole body fish pearls, has a special beauty.

The fish can live in a planted aquarium has dense vegetation, especially trees with pinnate leaves, and a few floating trees. Water composition is less important.

Sexual maturity is reached too late. At the intersection in the spawning season, the male 's chest and abdomen toward the red glare. At the appropriate temperature (27-28 degrees C), nesting males bubbles. The copulating recognized as particularly disturbing, most occur as the nest. Females lay a lot of eggs. Need to promptly carry out only females to males except for the protection and care organizations. The eggs hatch in about 24 hours.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by



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