Swordtail (Xipho, Porte-épée, Porte-glaive, Cá kiếm)

Family: Duke fish - Poeciliidae

Distribution: Southern Mexico, Guatemala

Length: Males 6 - 10cm not including swords, female 8 - 12cm.

Tank length: 60cm.

Diet: Worms, body armor animals, insects, plant matter, synthetic food.

Water temperature: From 21 to 26 degrees C.

General aquarium: Can aggressive with the smaller fish.

Swordtail is livebearers high line line up side and bring a lasting parts for specific forms created by the last rays of the lower lobe of the caudal fin. Males 8-10 months for long- 5cm. Low dwarf females than no picture for this long tube.

In fish living in natural, olive - gray back, hips or cyan green yellow and brown edges of the fins. A strip of red or purple fish from snout, through the eye and go to the base of the tail. In males, it lasted for. Each of the suites has a round dark hazel. Fish can make green, orange, red or yellow, but there is always the incision edges black. Yellow dorsal fin, have one or more point range red dot. Females also have a similar but darker color.

Depending on their body, they have the strain: red, green, black.

- Swordtail red: whole body red, pinkish fins.

- Swordtail green: dark green back, a red or orange streaks extending from the ends of the tail fin carries, and hip for yellow or green.

- Swordtail black: The body is dark green iridescent green.

Swordtail are easy to raise, appropriate for beginners aquarium. It can live in a tank containing a thick vegetation and the development space for personal comfort. Water must be hard and slightly alkaline medium, without salt.

Females can lay 5-6 months. During spawning, the fish must be placed in an aquarium can bring grown plants. Individual gestation period lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. When the tank is airy and at high temperatures (25-26 degrees C) for spawning fish easy, but because males jealous and aggressive, we have to separate them, and each time only one male in the aquarium. Females, once fertilized will hatch once a month birth to 50 children (can be from 20 to 200). Fish must be immediately separated mother out for it to avoid eating fish.

It has to breed with other species for the genus. Some form deformation lyre tailed or two swords, one above, one below. In our country, the technology adoption are two types of fish for red fish tail called a dual sword.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by http://translate.google.com



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