Olympia Farmers Market (Olympia, Washington state, USA)

On the occasion the Washington State's Governor's visiting to Vietnam and promotting the agricultural products, we would like to introduce thephoto reportage on The Olympia  Farmers  Market. This market locates in the Washington  state's  capital - Olympia city. This is  a  model  for  farmers  market  and sell their products directly to customers.

Olympia Farmers Market, Washington state, USA
Location:  700 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA98512,USA
Open: 10am – 3 pm
April – October: Thursday – Sunday
November – December: Saturday & Sunday

Website: http://www.olympiafarmersmarket.com

Established in the mid-1970s, the Olympia Farmers Marketis a place where a large number of farms around Washington state introduce and sell their products.

There are plenty of fresh and local products in the market like seafood, meats, condiments, honey, fruits, confections, flowers, artisans,and etc.

With a wide selection and affordable prices, the Olympia FarmersMarket attracts a lot of customers and visitors every weekend.

Located near the downtown, the market’s architecture looks like a diamond of Olympia. It's agriculture products are called the jewels of Puget Sound.
Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Goods are produced by regional farms. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Customers and visitors buy organic food. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Fresh fruits. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Fresh fruits. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Bonsai. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Lily Pad, an eighteen year-old farm, introduce and
selltheir flowers. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

A wide selection of vegetable. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

A band is preparing for a musical show. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Seafood and clams. Photo: Sonia - Việt Linh

Viet Linh © Sonia L.V. Sep 25, 2010. Olympia, WA, USA.

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