A Vietnamese Aquaculture Expert and the Book “Method of Salmonid Aquaculture in Vietnam.”

On a morning at the end of July, 2012, Mr.Vu The Tru, an aquaculture engineer, introduced us a hatchery where salmon is reared at University of Washington in Washington state, United States.

University of Washington is one of the top ten most famous universities in the U.S. and the place where leading experts in cold-water fish are trained. Although expert Vu retired, he is still invited to instruct new students and researchers with his 20-year knowledge about salmonid.

November to April the next year each year is often the time the hatchery is run. In breeding season, salmons swim upstream from seas to land where they give birthsand incubate in fresh water. Coho salmon, or Silver salmon (Oncorhynchuskisutch) is the most popular and important salmon in the Pacific Ocean. It can totally live in fresh water. This is the first salmon that expert Vu brought the eggs to incubate and breed in Vietnam.

According to expert Vu, three environmental elements which are crucial in salmonid farming are:

1. Temperature of cold water: 12-15 C

2. High amount of oxygen in water: 6-8 ppm (part per million)

3. Clean water

After visiting and surveying the north of Vietnam, expert Vu evaluated that the upper streamsin this area have all three factors above. 13 provinces in the north are particularly appropriate for salmonid development in Vietnam if we can exploit these natural conditions.

Expert Vu The Tru signed in and gave us thebook “Method of Salmonid Aquacutlre in Vietnam” to introduce Viet Linh readersa potential fish that can be bred in Vietnam. This is a very valuable book for Viet Linh and people concerning about salmon farming techniques as well as the development of cold - water fish.

This is a photo collection made by Viet Linh reporters in July, 2012 about a salmonid hatchery of School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington. This is the place where salmons born here swim thousands of miles upstream to go back and give births to the next generation.

This is the place where salmons from Pacific Ocean come back and give births and incubate. This is also the place where expert Vu and his colleagues released salmons attached microchips to track. Some of the salmons swam through the Pacific Ocean to Japan as the microchips showed. Photo: VietLinh

Expert Vu introduced us the electrical counting system that numbers all the salmons coming from the seas. Photo: VietLinh

He explained us about salmon farming techniques. Photo: Viet Linh

The round lake and system creating flows are used to breed salmon breeds. Photo: VietLinh

Area raising salmon breeds. Photo: VietLinh

Mesh compartment covers the whole area to prevent birds. Photo: Viet Linh

System creating oxygen for the lake where salmon breeds are raised. Photo: Viet Linh

In summer, lake raising salmonparents is drained, cleaned, and plastic covered to prevent grass damaging concrete bottom. Photo: Viet Linh

The ladder is the place where salmon parents give births and fertilizations. Photo: VietLinh

The water used for salmon breeding here is very clean. Photo: Viet Linh

Salmon House, an Indian-style restaurant, was established in 1970 near University of Washington, Seattle. Visitors can see the vivid pictures of Indians catching salmons and bearseating salmons. Salmon is a spiritual image of Indians living in the United States. Photo: Viet Linh

Expert Vu’s book, “Method ofSalmonid Aquaculture in Vietnam.” It has only a limit number of prints in the United States. If you are interested in salmon and cold-water fish, feel free to contact Viet Linh or expert Vu The Tru to exchange information about expert Vu’s experience. Photo: Viet Linh

Expert Vu and Viet Linh representative at Fisheries Center at University of Washington, U.S.A. This was the first time Viet Linh met expert Vu although we know him for his contribution to salmon in Vietnam for a long time. Knowing us coming to visit the United States, he enthusiastically spent two days to introduce us this hatchery in Portage Bay, Seattle, Washington while being in a vacation with his family in California. Photo: Viet Linh

We will continue our photo essay this winter, when the hatchery is opened for salmons from the seas come back here to maintain their future.

Viet Linh © Jul 21, 2012. Seattle, WA, USA

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