Livestock and Cultivation in Dong Nai Province

This photo collection was taken by our staff in January, 2013 in Dong Nai, a province near Ho Chi Minh City. We hope you enjoy it.

Gardens in people’s houses include various types of vegetables, fruits, and beans. Photoby Viet Linh.

String beans are grown with trellis. Photo by Viet Linh.

Winter melon garden. Photo by Viet Linh.

Fresh cucumber and its flower. Photo by Viet Linh.

Trellis and nets are used with plastic covers to help bitter melon grow with fewer disease and irrigation but higher productivity. Photo by Viet Linh.

It is spring, so starfish and fruits are everywhere. Photo by Viet Linh.

Jackfruit. Photo by Viet Linh.

Breadfruit trees are exploited for shadow; their fruits can become delicious fruits, whereas their leaves are used in some Eastern medicines. Photo by Viet Linh.

Soils and lands in Dong Nai Province are very suitable for rubber trees. Rubber gardens are located near freeways and streets. Photo by Viet Linh.

Chickens are breed in every household here. Photo by Viet Linh.

… and ducks are near lakes. Photo by Viet Linh.

Viet Linh © Jan 13, 2013. Đồng Nai, Việt Nam.

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