Swiftlet and Shrimp Farming in Can Gio, HCMC

Can Gio is a coastal district of Ho Chi Minh City. It is seen as a “green lung” of the city and is connected with the center land by a ferry ride. From a poor area, Can Gio now has asphalt roads going to each commune. It has many attractions like Rung Sac eco region, Vam Sat resort, beaches with delicious seafood like shrimp, fish, crab, clam, oyster and others.   

People came and invested in Can Gio to breed shrimp, fish or crab in the past. Recently, in addition to those products, swiftlet farming has become popular because of its high profit.

We are going to introduce a photo collection about farming in Can Gio District taken by our staff in January, 2014.

Binh Khanh ferry connects Nha Be and Can Gio.

Shrimp ponds in Binh Khanh Commune.

A farm breeding clean shrimp in national standard.

A swiftlet house built near shrimp ponds, next to people’s house.

Passing Binh Khanh Commune is Rung Sac Street with wide and large bridges.

 In An Thoi Dong and Tam Thon Hiep communes, there aremore swiftlet houses.

Swiftlet houses locate next to people’s houses. The sound from those houses is continuous to attract the birds.

Shrimp and fish are still traditional farming species in CanGio.

Investors build high-tech farms with modern techniques and automatic feeding system.

In recent years, swiftlet houses have appeared every whereand created a farming area of both shrimp and swiftlet.

A group of swiftlet houses.

Along the streets are trees with interlaced roots, a special feature of mangrove forest.

Ly Nhon Street.

There are also swiftlet houses along Ly Nhon Street.

An Nghia Elementary and Secondary School with beautiful redroofs promises a great future and a great spring in Can Gio District.

Viet Linh © Jan, 2014. Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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