Farming trends in urban houses


With desires to grow their own foods and to find the joy of farming, many people living in urban areas grow vegetables and fruit trees inside their house gardens or apartments. People especially utilize foam containers, plastic trays to create “mini” gardens on balconies or backyards.

When these mini gardens are well-cared for, they can meet growers’ demands of clean food products. Common vegetables and fruits grown in large cities includes water spinach, cabbage, squash, chili, tomato, lemon, citrus, or aloe vera.

Many families in the suburbs also make aquaponics system to grow hydroponic vegetables in combination with raising catfish or tilapia. With advantages such as products are home made and safe, more and more people enjoy growing foods at home.

However, there are also many issues about mini urban farming. For example, growers must design systems of waterproofing and drainage to ensure long-term safety for home and utility space. Types of plants, especially leafy vegetables, also need to be planted away from dust and smoky areas such as roads with heavy traffic. Home gardeners must avoid causing environmental pollution and disease spread from their home farming, which potentially can affect nearby neighbors and communities.

Finally, it is necessary to do research about whether or not your cities ask for permits or special requirements to grow certain plants or animals, even if these products are not for commercial purposes. 

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