The Blue Ribbon Garden - A beautiful garden in the heart of downtown Los Angeles

If you have never been here, and without warning, you will be surprised because these stairs will lead you into a beautiful garden located in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. Not far from the skyscrapers, the garden is located on Grand Avenue, which is known as the street of art in one of the most famous cities in the world. The Blue Ribbon Garden is like a mysterious oasis that makes visitors surprised.

The Blue Ribbon Garden has an area of about one acre, or 4000 square meters. It is on the rooftop of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The garden covers the entire rear of the theater, designed to both hide the gleaming armored winding walls and enhance their modern beauty. In 2003, when the Walt Disney Concert Hall was completed, this theater and garden immediately became a famous contemporary architecture not only in the US, but also in the world.

The garden is a gift from the Blue Ribbon, an organization led by women supporting the Music Center.

There are many paths that can lead to this garden such as stairs and elevators. The garden also has small walking paths connected to soaring curved walls or across an outdoor stage of the theater.

The garden sidewalks are winding like a ribbon filled with airy spaces and privacy.

You can feel a very interesting difference when stepping from the sun into the garden’s trees. It feels like you are lost in a forest, and next to it are high cliffs.

In the middle of the garden is a fountain called A Rose for Lilly built with Delft porcelain and blue tiles in memory of Lillian Disney, wife of Walter Disney. The designer of this fountain is architect Frank Gehry, who designed the Disney Concert Hall and many other famous unique structures in the world.

The tile floor next to the fountain is engraved with sponsor names.

A spiral engraved with the names of many sponsors. You can see that children often follow the path of this spiral to its center.

Chairs are placed in many places under the trees for visitors to rest and chat with each other. From here, you can see many famous architecture of the city such as the US Bank building, Los Angeles Central Library, even the San Gabriel Mountains.

The garden’s classic beauty standing next to one of the most modern concert halls in the world has attracted many couples to choose this destination as a place to record their happy wedding photos.

The peace and romance of this garden makes many local residents often come here to read books.

Or come here to bask in the sun, watch the sunrise or sunset.

Each tree and flower in the garden is engraved with a name tag.

The garden is colorful as there are always different types of flowers blooming.

Plants and flowers at the garden are imported from many parts of the world. The skillful arrangement of plants and trees along the curved steel walls of Walt Disney Concert Hall makes every place you see here as beautiful as a picture.

Blue Ribbon Garden is open from 7:00 am - 10:00 pm, but is often closed an hour and a half before the theater has any performance, and is reopened 30 minutes to 1 hour after the show ends.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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