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Bananas are used as medicines in both Oriental medicine and Western medicine. In Western countries, patients with diarrhea are often advised by doctors to eat bananas. Pectin in bananas alleviates diarrhea and reduces the risk of bowel cancer. Bananas help food easily digest, stimulate regeneration of gastric mucosa, increase mucus secretion, and heal sores in this part.

Ripe bananas contain a lot of protein, glucide, vitamins (especially vitamins C and B6), minerals, especially potassium. Ripe bananas work to reduce nausea, reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and prevent atherosclerosis.
Banana fruit has a great ability to boost the immune system, increase leukocytes and produce INF to destroy abnormal cells.

Each banana has nearly 5 g of potassium. Due to its high potassium content, bananas are capable of preventing and treating high blood pressure if they eat 2 to 5 ripe bananas every day.
In ripe bananas, there is a special substance that helps the brain produce hydroxylamine, which alleviates anxiety and sorrow. Therefore, people who are stressed, emotionally strong or overly upset should eat 2-3 bananas / day.

In traditional medicine, bananas are also used as a precious medicine. This kind of fruit is sweet, average, has the ability to add spleen, laxative, diuretic, cure skin diseases, laxative, drunkenness, spleen.

- Complementing health: The ripened banana has 15 peeled fruits, soaked with 1 liter of rice wine for 15 days. Use 30-35 ml daily.

- Cure constipation: Take 1-2 ripe pepper bananas grilled on charcoal stove until the pods turn black, ripe. To cool down, eat.

- Cure hemorrhoids: Take 1-2 bananas to remove peeled shells, cut into pieces, add a little sugar to the alum to steam the water for cooking, eat 1-2 times a day, eat continuously for several days.

- Treatment of tinea versicolor, dark black: Along the banana of green pepper, sharpen the cut face to the affected area. Do it many times.

- Treatment of pimples: Green pepper bananas peeled, crushed, covered in damaged areas, twice a day.

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