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You can drink lemon juice daily to supplement vitamin C, antioxidant, immune boost. Lemon helps enhance iron absorption. Lemon juice contains lots of potassium to help stimulate the brain and balance blood pressure.
Lemon juice helps reduce toxins in foods, limit indigestion, heartburn, enhance the function of enzymes, and help the kidneys stay healthy.

Lemon juice helps prevent blood clots, lemon juice helps blood circulation in the vein 19% faster.

Antioxidants in lemon help reduce bruises, spots on the skin, improve wrinkles, reduce scarring, rejuvenate skin, detoxify blood, keep skin color and radiance.

The lemon peel has pectin, which prevents the stomach from absorbing sugar too quickly, helping to fight appetite, helping to lose weight.
Lemon, lemon salt help treat sore throat, hoarseness, coughing a lot.
Cure bloating, dyspepsia, vomiting, cough with phlegm: take from 5 - 10g dried lemon peels, sharp and drink daily.

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