Latin name: Pteroophyllum scalare

Other name: Scalaire, Poisson-ange, Cá ông tiên, Thần tiên

Family: Tilapia - Cichlidae

Distribution: South America (Guyan, Venezuela, with some Amazon River tributary)
Length: 15 cm, maximum 25 cm

Food: worms, molluscs armor, insects, plant matter, synthetic food

Water temperature: 22-30 ° C

Raising: Polyculture.

As tropical ornamental fish are the most popular. Appearing in the aquarium world since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Angelfish is entered our country for nearly half a century.

Beautiful and gentle fish, fish farming is common Tau, Kim snapper and other varieties of ornamental fish.

Available in black whale, then this breed is strange looking silver and more attractive.

First round whale - shaped, flattened body, but he does not have bright colors, but thanks to the disposition of any such individual acts of back, chest vi, vi stomach too long to move, creating the soft fish Commerce, slender, swimming slowly in appearance, poise or posture should spice hearted fairy.

It is difficult to distinguish the sex of angelfish. People only know one thing between males and females differ in the distance between vi and vi anal belly. For females, the gap is a little wider. Females when eggs are old belly, slow swimming. Now anchovies queue according to wooing females. Thanks to this sentiment of us... that we begin a new roof empty out right pair to own livestock for breeding .

Fish aquariums dedicated to the premise he should not be too small, at least have the capacity to accommodate sixty five liters of water. In the street they should put a cluster, so that the net about 20 cm or so before reaching the lake waters. I can replace with a brick street was new and clean tubes placed upright at the bottom of the lake. Someone bowl or cup used to build a nest for fish. What is needed is above the material to build a nest for fish. Be away from water surface about 10 cm or more for males roof where wandering...

When discovered by the owners put litter into the lake, comfortable pair of adjacent males approached and warmed to each other for a while. First up anchovies sprinkled on algae or slime brick (or bowl, cup), then females lay eggs up mucus that...

Each group, angelfish can lay several hundred eggs to a thousand eggs. Age at first spawning, but the number of eggs per litter once after each increase....

Broodstock guarding nests. Sometimes we do turn the eggs and the egg will fall to the bottom of the lake are picking up anchovies diligently to drive. The two days after the eggs hatch. Angelfish newly hatched baby fish are very small and weak. They are living on the drive, after three or four days to take leave to go get food.

Angelfish premise wrong, but that brood their young love to eat slowly. So, when finished blooming offspring, parents immediately catch the particular animal, eggs or be moved to another drive other clock.

About three or four days old, you know feeding fish. We eat daphnia, or Biscotte egg powder (roasted rice powder mixed with dried egg yolk). From the ten-day-old fish were edible wriggling...

During the eggs hatch and the fry until, the aquarium must be regular oxygen supply to the eggs hatch and the fry are new thrive. Approximately two months old, the Korean whale considered as mature.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by Google



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