Weekly summary of agriculture news from Vietnam (October 5, 2020 – October 11, 2020)


Goat farming in Yen The District, Bac Giang Province has been formed and developed in the direction of producing meat. Along with the brand "Hong Ky Mountain Goat", the locality is also developing a herd of commercial goats associated with the branding "Yen The Goat".

According to local farmers, it takes 4-5 months to raise goats from kids until they reach 40-45 kilograms. With a stable selling price of VND150-160 thousand/kilogram, deducting for the investment cost, the profit of goat farming is about VND1.5-1.7 million each goat.

It is known that currently, the two main types of goats grazing in Yen The District are Bach Thao hybrid goat and Boer hybrid goat. These two breeds are suitable for local farming conditions, with few diseases, strong growth and development.


An old farmer, Hoang Chau Hong, in Nhan Co Commune, Dak R’lap District, Dak Nong Province is known as the person who produces the number 1 specialty coffee in Vietnam.

According to Hoang, in recent years, his 4 hectares of coffee have been cultivated using organic, natural methods that meet international standards.

His coffee garden has shade trees, the root is always covered with weeds to create garden ecology. Coffee beans must be fully ripe when they are harvested. To ensure the quality of coffee, the beans must be harvested at the right time when they are just ripe.

Pet, Flowers and Ornamental Plants:

In Can Tho City, many gardeners specialize in growing and trading orchids. The current local orchid market is diverse in types and colors, each with a different beauty and scent.

According to people who have many years of experience playing flowers in Can Tho City, growing orchids does not require water every day. However, growers should use their hands to check. If the root is still wet, do not add water. In addition, after the orchid blooms, we should cut off the dead part of flower to prevent the plant from losing its strength. Next is the period of fertilizing and restoring vitality for orchids.

When buying orchids, stores and gardens might have temperature, humidity, and sunlight completely different from where people put them at home. In this case, orchids should be introduced to the new environment gradually. Experienced orchid players share that people should first put their orchids at a cool and well-ventilated area, then gradually move the plant to where they want them to be at home.


Cho Gao District, Tien Giang Province develops an area of ​​dragon fruit farming with ​​7,400 hectares. Of which, the area of ​​red-flesh dragon fruit is 4,149 hectares, accounting for 59% of the total area of ​​dragon fruits in the district. The total local area of ​​dragon fruits for harvest and products is about 6,000 hectares with an output of 180,000 tons.

Currently, farmers in Cho Gao District are harvesting the last dragon fruit crops of the natural flowering season. At the same time, local residents are actively taking care of their fruit trees to prepare for the off-season flowering and export to Europe, Asia and America.

Farmers, Agriculture, Countryside:

In the central regions, there is consecutively heavy to very heavy rain, causing flood in some areas.

It is forecasted that heavy rain will continue to occur in the coming time. Flood on rivers in Quang Binh to Quang Ngai Province will rise quickly, and severe flooding is expected to occur on a large scale in low-lying areas.

Preliminary statistics show that 772 hectares of aquaculture were damaged (538 hectares in Quang Tri Province; 225 hectares in Thua Thien Hue Province); 32,500 poultry died and were swept away in Quang Tri Province, along with losses of crops in the central provinces.

Living and Environment:

Tram Chim National Park in Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province is the 2,000th Ramsar Site of the world. It is one of the eight most important bird conservation areas in Vietnam. The park has more than 100 species of vertebrate, 40 fish species, and 147 waterfowl species.

Currently, Tram Chim National Park records 13 rare and endangered bird species that need protection and 101 other common bird species.

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